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B. Němcovej 3
042 00 Košice
tel.: +421-55-602 76 02 (sekretariát)
fax: +421-55-62 535 82
dispečing: +421-55-602 76 44 /76 55
       +421-55-602 51 33 (VoiceMail)

About us

The Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) serves the whole university. Its main task rests in the development and utilization of information technologies and information systems in cooperation with the faculty computer centers. ICT operates the technical infrastructure of the university computer net TUNET. It is a regional computer center of the international computer net INTERNET and a center of the Slovak Academic Data Net SANET with the capacity of 1 GB. ICT operates several information systems. The largest ones are the pedagogical, wage and personnel information systems SAP R/3, which are necessary for the operation of the university. Furthermore, ICT operates the web page of the university. The modern multimedia approach of WEBCASTING manifests the high level of Technical University in Košice.


The ICT employees demonstrate a high professional level when implementing advanced technologies. The information services for students and employees of the Technical University in Košice are provided non-stop. The Institute of Computer Technology also offers training facilities for students. It supervises several powerful computer servers with various applications.


ICT provides certified computer courses, which are compatible with ECDL (European Computer Driving License) authorized by European Union. The Centre for Information and Telecommunication Technologies is located in the ICT complex. There are several laboratories that cooperate with industrial companies in the field of informatics.

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